Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Girl, 1 Gay Boy, 1 Bad Dinner and a Bad Case of Peeing in Our Panties

Ok, so I know my friend Angie is gonna kill me for posting this but it was so funny I had to blog about it today!

Yesterday, my friend Angie and i went to to this place she absolutely loves called Tank Noodle. Before I continue, I must say that I've always thought of myself as the type of person who is willing to try new things but I've noticed that the older I get the the harder it is for me to try food I don't recognize. So, there we are at Angie's preferred Tank Noodle. I ordered a Pho(pronounced "fuh" as in "What the 'fu__' r you looking@?").
Looks pretty at first, doesn't it?? Looks can be deceiving!!!!
I thought it'd be pleasant. I thought I'd enjoy it. I was surprised to find things in my bowl I had never seen before in my life. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with my meal. I even offered Angie a bite of something I wouldn't dare eat. I tricked her into eating it by telling her she simply had to try it. She did. She no like.
This is the tumor I tricked Angie into eating
This is Angie not liking the tumor

After an hour of relaxing from a horrible meal, we headed off to Sofo with our friend Mark for what was supposed to be 1 drink. One drink turned into four and when we left, we were DRRRRRRRRUNK! Angie and I couldn't stop laughing for some reason and she kept telling me she was going to pee in her panties. A few minutes later I saw what appeared to be water stains on Angie's pants. Not cute. I told Angie I thought she really had pissed in her panties. After we got home(angie lives across the hall), she text'd me to tell me she was drunk, which I already knew, and wanted ice cream, which I already knew. So, there you have a typical Friday night.

We find our way to Sofo
This is the junk I pulled out of my Pho. I'd tell u what it is, if I knew!!!!! What the hell is this?????
This is Angie telling me she thinks she's gonna piss in her pants!!
I can only imagine the hot mess that followed!!
This what I imagine Angie doing if it hadn't been so late...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Amazing Summer Ends With Summer

Earlier this year I made a mental list of all the things I wanted to do this summer. On my list were things such as:
1. Enjoy Summer!
2. Attend Andersonville MidSummer Fest
3. Attend Market Days
4. Go on a boat cruise
5. Go to Hollywood Beach
6. Go to Beach@night
7. Crash a party
8. See Donna Summer@Ravinia

...among other things I failed to do. Nonetheless, I managed to mostly all of what I hoped to do this summer. This was, to date, the summer of my life. I had soooooo much fun. This summer gave me an opportunity to make some new friends, experience new things and in the process have fun.

The train ride to Ravinia couldn't be any gayer. The Metra was filled with gay men and women left and right, top to bottom. I could hear a few voices singing in sync Donna Summer melodies.

Once we arrived to Ravinia, my friends and I(a bunch of Hot Thursday Messes) were overwhelmed by a sea of people who had already found a good spot to enjoy the concert. After about 10 minutes of looking, we finally found a spot we were able to squeeze into. My fondest memory will be of four single gay men laying on the ground and talking about the men that could've been "the one." As my friend put it, "it was like a slumber party."

To my Hot Thursday Messes, thank you so much for the moments and memories.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Amazing Summer Begins For The Amazing Argyles

The other day, I was at Sofo with my friends Angie, Mark and Lorenzo having a few drinks. In a semi-drunken state of mind, I proposed a toast and said, "Here's to making amazing things happen in our lives as opposed to waiting for something amazing to happen." I then turned to Angie and said, I feel like we're sometimes waiting for something "amazing" to happen to us or to meet someone "amazing." Angie had this very serious look on her face and said, " I totally know what you mean. I feel that way." So, my friends and I made a pact to try and do different things this summer and push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Later that evening, I looked at all of my friends(we all live on Argyle), and said, "We are....we are...we are....We are THE AMAZING ARGYLES!!" I have no idea where that came from. It makes no sense cuz argyle is basically the diamond pattern you see on those sweaters we all dreaded wearing as kids. So, there you have it. An amazing begins for the Amazing Argyles.

So, I'm making amazing things happen this summer for myself. And it begins...

This weekend is Gay Pride Weekend in Chicago and I'm so hyped up. Here's what The City of Chicago has put together for this gay man...

Saturday, June 28, 2008-Pride Fest in Boystown with Frenchie Davis, Kimberly Locke, Martha Wash and Tiffany. Back in the day, I used to sing to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson songs off the top of my lungs, just like any other closeted gay teen of the 80's. Geez, what was I thinking? In any case, I will be there this Saturday singing along just like I used to when I was in my teens. Wanna sing along with me?? How about we lip dub to one of their songs? Hmmm...I think it's time for yet another video!!

As if A BIG FAT GAY CONCERT weren't enough, my friends and I are going to the Pride parade on Sunday. I presume the usual suspects will be there: naked men, Dykes on bikes, Way too many politicians (some of whom don't deserve my vote), PFLAG(favorite), The ever-so-fabulous ROTC and a bunch of hot messes!!!! Shoot! I, for sho, am going to be one MAJOR HOT MESS!! You coming? Join us and celebrate pride with us:-) Here are a few pix to motivate you to come out and show your pride...

...And then there's Monday. Just when you thought it couldn't get any PROUDER and GAYER, I, along with a few friends, will be going to Broadway in Chicago@ Grant Park! I'm super hyped up about this since it'll be my second time going to a Broadway show. I know it's nothing like the real thing but I get to see Wicked, Dirty Dancing and Jersey Boys FOR FREE!! As if that weren't enough, I also get a preview of the 2009 Broadway in Chicago season. I love it!

So if you're not busy this weekend, join us for a toast: To making amazing things happen in our lives as opposed to waiting for something amazing to happen!! Cheers!

Broadway in Chicago@Taste

Sunday, May 4, 2008


So, I was out of commission for the past week and let me tell you, it was NOT PURRTY!! My roommate bought some hamburger meat and decided to make himself a burger. I chose to do the same the day after. Little did I know I was going to get food poisoning for an entire week and drop a few pounds. I didn't mind dropping the pounds but the hell I went through wasn't purrty.

Anyway, I'm back and ready to get started on blogging again.

Very valdivia

Monday, February 11, 2008

Oops! I did it again....

Last week, I started playing with my video camera again. It's not so much my video camera, so much as my laptop. That's right, I've recorded all of my videos on my laptop. Believe it or not, it's not so hard but maneuvering graciously throughout my apartment, all while holding a laptop can pose a few challenges.

Anyway, here's my latest video, Andar Conmigo by Julieta Venegas. Hope you like it..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm getting married on Thursday, 2/7/08!!!

Ok, so I'm not exactly getting married so much as hosting a marriage ceremony. Ok, so it's not exactly a marriage ceremony but rather the Freedom to Marry Reception.

I work for a wonderful museum in Chicago and a few months ago I received a phone call to ask if we were interested in hosting the Freedom to Marry Reception. I thought what a great idea! The museum I work for is very gay friendly so this seemed like a natural fit.

With only two days away, I'm already developing the wedding jitters. What to wear? Whom to bring? Something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new...something like that.

Anyway, if you're not doing anything this Thursday, stop by! Hell, free cocktails and free food. You can't beat that. Besides, it should be a lot of fun. Who knows? You may even get to catch the bouquet. Just be sure to stand clear of my way. I'm sort of like Charlotte from Sex & the City these days. "Where is he? I've been waiting since I was 15. I'm tired of waiting." I'm mostly kidding, mostly. Anyway, here's a visual to inspire you to come...

Lambda Legal & The National Museum of Mexican Art Present:
The Freedom to Marry Reception
1852 W. 19th Street
2/7/08, 6-9pm

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Kids On The Block Are Reuniting?

Ok, so I'll confess that back in the day I used to have a 'lil crush on Mr. Jordan Knight but I'm indecisive about seeing him and the rest of the New Kids on the Block or NKOTB do their thing on stage all over again. Can you imagine being at Roscoes, Big Chicks, Jackhammer's or any other bar, for that matter, playing videos to these guys as we sip on our vodka tonics with a splash of cranberry juice? Would you sing along? Would you watch? Would you dance along? One thing for sure, a lot of people are talking about it. Hell, I'm even blogging about it. So, while I'm still making up my mind on whether I'm gonna dig the return of NKOTB, I shall reminisce....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's That Golden Girl?

Ok, so maybe I have a little too much free time on my hands.

I recently started a new hobby that I absolutely love: lip dubbing to some of my favorite TV theme songs!

Perhaps it's silly. Perhaps it's not that silly. One thing for sure: It's a lot of fun!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time's Up

Time's Up

They sway freely through the air and find their way to me. With a gentle touch, they seem so warm and say, "Hello, so nice to meet you."

They insist. I resist. They persist. I give in. Let him in. He looks into my eyes and tells me he likes me "more than anyone." I wonder, "Is it true?"

I hear a chime…my phone again…the message reads, "Please get out of my head. You're absolutely amazing."

I smile as my fingertips return the gesture to let him know that I, too, am thinking of him.

Sometimes at night, they pulled me into his arms, a place i loved, as he whispered promises of tomorrow, with a musical here and a trip to nowhere, there.

A day, tic toc, 2 weeks, tic toc, 3 months, tic toc, go by and his fingertips seem distant, confused, cold and even a little scared.

The messages are less frequent, the phone no longer rings, the warm caress rarely there. And I tell myself, "It was just a matter of time."

A day, tic toc, 2 weeks, tic toc, go by. No calls, no messages, no emails, just questions on my mind. I check my phone, even though, this time I haven't heard a chime.

Saturday night at eleven pm, they say hello again. They trace my face, "Can we talk?" They touch my lips. "I'm not ready." They massage my back. "I can't."

I could have broken my silence by telling him about my pain. I could have asked about the promises of musicals, videos and tomorrows. Instead I said, "I understand."

They massage my body and find their way to my lips. A stream of emotion breaks their path. They seem confused. "We'll still be friends. I'm not going anywhere."

They touch my face but this time they seem so frigid. "I don't want to hurt you." Too late for that. The room gets cold. I wonder, "Did he ever care?"

Night becomes day, tic toc, I cry. Days become a week, and time slowly passes me by but in the end, I will be fine. That I know for sure.

You see, I realize now that it was nothing I said or did and as much as I like him, I love myself more. Times up, and I deserve closure.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Why blog? Oh, I get it...

Days ago, I started blogging again, after much hesitation and doubt.
After finishing my first blog entry, I must confess that I still had more questions than I thought I would:
1. What purpose blogging has?
2. Who reads?
3. Who cares?
4. Why blog?

Then, a friend of mine, William(Guillermo-aka-pendejo from L.A.) sent a bulletin that read, "RIP Carlos." I thought to myself, "Oh great, just what I need...another spam bulletin advising me to repost to avoid anything horrible happening within XX hours/days." Then I clicked the message and started reading about the passing of a guy named Carlos who died of cancer. I was even more surprised to see that Carlos had been keeping a blog about his battle with cancer and ultimately his last few days. Reading Carlos's blog ( and myspace page(, made me see blogging as something entirely different. I was able to see how many of us use blogs as a means to communicate with one another and remain connected to a bigger world. I saw how blogging can allow us to say things that we probably wouldn't say, otherwise. It made me realize that blogging allows us to catch a glimpse into someone else's world and make us see what we share in common or help us see the world through different eyes. In some cases, blogging even allows us to come together and share our sorrow over the loss of someone, as is the case with Carlos's friends. What's even better, blogging allows us to get to know people we might not have ever met and make new friends. So, I guess I have Carlos, someone I never met but learned about through his blog, to thank for making me learn about the power of blogging. Thanks, Carlos and thanks Mr. Ortiz for sharing his page with us.

I'll end this entry with a few words from Carlos's blog:

"I hold a conversation via text
I make you laugh via IM
I tell you my thoughts via keyboard."

Friday, January 4, 2008

My Very First Blog Entry Goes Something Like This...

I have no idea what I'm doing here but here I am. And here I go...

Years ago, I made a half-hearted attempt at creating a blog but never maintained it.--My apologies to my fairy blogmother--I've been contemplating starting a blog again for a very long time now. I've considered the pro's(Expression Rocks!) and the con's (People U tried to stay away from finding U and reading your most intimate or not-so-intimate thoughts.) Regardless of what the con's are, here I am ready to embark on my journey of becoming a blogger and learning more about the infinite bloggerverse(I made up the word. At least, I think I did unless u beat me to the punch). As I sit here and type away, questions are beginning to brew in my head:
1. Is there such a thing as blog etiquette? Are there things that you're not supposed to do and should do while blogging or reading someone's blog?
2. Is there a blog manual out there that'll guide me step-by-step and teach me the ins and outs of the bloggerverse?
3. Is there blog lingo that I'm supposed to use? i.e., "I can't blogging believe it!" Silly, I know. But I'd feel even sillier not knowing.
4. How will people learn about my blog? If I tell them, would that be considered shameless self-promotion? If I don't, will they think I'm hiding something?
5. Are there blog maestros, people who have mastered the art of blogging? If so, who rates them?
6. Do I seem neurotic with all these questions? Don't worry. I'm mostly kidding.

Well, I guess I'll learn the rules of blogging along the way. But if you can answer some of my questions, ANSWER AWAY!! For now, this concludes my very first entry.

Happy Near Year!!
-Very Valdivia