Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Girl, 1 Gay Boy, 1 Bad Dinner and a Bad Case of Peeing in Our Panties

Ok, so I know my friend Angie is gonna kill me for posting this but it was so funny I had to blog about it today!

Yesterday, my friend Angie and i went to to this place she absolutely loves called Tank Noodle. Before I continue, I must say that I've always thought of myself as the type of person who is willing to try new things but I've noticed that the older I get the the harder it is for me to try food I don't recognize. So, there we are at Angie's preferred Tank Noodle. I ordered a Pho(pronounced "fuh" as in "What the 'fu__' r you looking@?").
Looks pretty at first, doesn't it?? Looks can be deceiving!!!!
I thought it'd be pleasant. I thought I'd enjoy it. I was surprised to find things in my bowl I had never seen before in my life. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with my meal. I even offered Angie a bite of something I wouldn't dare eat. I tricked her into eating it by telling her she simply had to try it. She did. She no like.
This is the tumor I tricked Angie into eating
This is Angie not liking the tumor

After an hour of relaxing from a horrible meal, we headed off to Sofo with our friend Mark for what was supposed to be 1 drink. One drink turned into four and when we left, we were DRRRRRRRRUNK! Angie and I couldn't stop laughing for some reason and she kept telling me she was going to pee in her panties. A few minutes later I saw what appeared to be water stains on Angie's pants. Not cute. I told Angie I thought she really had pissed in her panties. After we got home(angie lives across the hall), she text'd me to tell me she was drunk, which I already knew, and wanted ice cream, which I already knew. So, there you have a typical Friday night.

We find our way to Sofo
This is the junk I pulled out of my Pho. I'd tell u what it is, if I knew!!!!! What the hell is this?????
This is Angie telling me she thinks she's gonna piss in her pants!!
I can only imagine the hot mess that followed!!
This what I imagine Angie doing if it hadn't been so late...


Anonymous said...

I think I can see your wifi from my apartment (also on argyle). I googled the network name and hit this site. Interested in splitting the cost?

Monik said...

That Pho reminds me of how we say in colombia "Fo!" which translate to Yuk! Stinky! Horrible...