Friday, January 4, 2008

My Very First Blog Entry Goes Something Like This...

I have no idea what I'm doing here but here I am. And here I go...

Years ago, I made a half-hearted attempt at creating a blog but never maintained it.--My apologies to my fairy blogmother--I've been contemplating starting a blog again for a very long time now. I've considered the pro's(Expression Rocks!) and the con's (People U tried to stay away from finding U and reading your most intimate or not-so-intimate thoughts.) Regardless of what the con's are, here I am ready to embark on my journey of becoming a blogger and learning more about the infinite bloggerverse(I made up the word. At least, I think I did unless u beat me to the punch). As I sit here and type away, questions are beginning to brew in my head:
1. Is there such a thing as blog etiquette? Are there things that you're not supposed to do and should do while blogging or reading someone's blog?
2. Is there a blog manual out there that'll guide me step-by-step and teach me the ins and outs of the bloggerverse?
3. Is there blog lingo that I'm supposed to use? i.e., "I can't blogging believe it!" Silly, I know. But I'd feel even sillier not knowing.
4. How will people learn about my blog? If I tell them, would that be considered shameless self-promotion? If I don't, will they think I'm hiding something?
5. Are there blog maestros, people who have mastered the art of blogging? If so, who rates them?
6. Do I seem neurotic with all these questions? Don't worry. I'm mostly kidding.

Well, I guess I'll learn the rules of blogging along the way. But if you can answer some of my questions, ANSWER AWAY!! For now, this concludes my very first entry.

Happy Near Year!!
-Very Valdivia

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Michael said...

welcome to the Blogosphere!