Monday, January 7, 2008

Why blog? Oh, I get it...

Days ago, I started blogging again, after much hesitation and doubt.
After finishing my first blog entry, I must confess that I still had more questions than I thought I would:
1. What purpose blogging has?
2. Who reads?
3. Who cares?
4. Why blog?

Then, a friend of mine, William(Guillermo-aka-pendejo from L.A.) sent a bulletin that read, "RIP Carlos." I thought to myself, "Oh great, just what I need...another spam bulletin advising me to repost to avoid anything horrible happening within XX hours/days." Then I clicked the message and started reading about the passing of a guy named Carlos who died of cancer. I was even more surprised to see that Carlos had been keeping a blog about his battle with cancer and ultimately his last few days. Reading Carlos's blog ( and myspace page(, made me see blogging as something entirely different. I was able to see how many of us use blogs as a means to communicate with one another and remain connected to a bigger world. I saw how blogging can allow us to say things that we probably wouldn't say, otherwise. It made me realize that blogging allows us to catch a glimpse into someone else's world and make us see what we share in common or help us see the world through different eyes. In some cases, blogging even allows us to come together and share our sorrow over the loss of someone, as is the case with Carlos's friends. What's even better, blogging allows us to get to know people we might not have ever met and make new friends. So, I guess I have Carlos, someone I never met but learned about through his blog, to thank for making me learn about the power of blogging. Thanks, Carlos and thanks Mr. Ortiz for sharing his page with us.

I'll end this entry with a few words from Carlos's blog:

"I hold a conversation via text
I make you laugh via IM
I tell you my thoughts via keyboard."

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Anonymous said...

you are welcome jorge, and carlos would be very pleased as well.